JOpenShowVar v0.2

Today I updated JOpenShowVar with some neat features compared to how it was before. Check it out on github. The Github readme contains an example of how to use v0.2 and has also an comparison to v0.1.

JOpenShowVar is a TCP/IP interface to KUKA robots written in Java. It allows reading and writing of global variables defined in the KUKA controller.

While JOpenShowVar cannot guarantee real-time access like e.g the KUKA RSI package, it usually returns a call in 3-10 ms.

Console view
Console view
GUI view
GUI view

3 thoughts on “JOpenShowVar v0.2”

  1. Hi Lars,
    I am looking at your gui view and github exemple (which are very helpful!!)
    I am not finding how you define MYPOS manually in $config.dat
    could you share with me the snippet of code for this part?

    1. It’s been a long time since I worked with this stuff. But I think it something like: DECL POS MYPOS = {X 0, Y 0, Z 0}

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